fitnessloveaffairMy name is Katrina, I'm 25 and I live in California. I am a fitness and healthy living enthusiast, that's what this blog is all about.

I'm a certified R.I.P.P.E.D. and INSANITY fitness instructor. I'm so excited to be sharing my love of fitness and a healthy lifestyle with others!

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"A warrior feeds her body well. She trains it, works on it. Where she lacks knowledge, she studies. But above all, she must believe in her strength of will and purpose and heart and soul. "

— David Gemmel   (via tobeheal-ed)

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Vitacost has tons of heath foods and supplements at great prices. My last order I bought quest bars ($25 a box!), organic coconut oil, organic chia seeds, and organic oatmeal.

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@ness_leigh: Arm pump #selfie 😝💪with help from Cellucor Tropical Punch N0 Extreme preworkout & BCAAs Use code LEIGHFIT for 20% off at & sign up for free shipping! Happy Lifting 💋


@ness_leigh: Arm pump #selfie 😝💪with help from Cellucor Tropical Punch N0 Extreme preworkout & BCAAs Use code LEIGHFIT for 20% off at & sign up for free shipping! Happy Lifting 💋

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"Be kind to yourself while blooming. I know sometimes it feels like your soul doesn’t always fit. It’s all a part of the process. "

— Emery Allen  (via weaverofstars)

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Had my first consultation for a breast augmentation.

First of all I wasn’t impressed that I had to wait over 1.5 hrs to see the Dr. Then I only spent 5-10 minutes talking to him. He made some size suggestions and I asked two questions. I was kind of bummed he didn’t do any measurements so I could get a sense of what sizes to chose from, and they don’t do sizers at the consults. I did get to ask a lady more questions but not about his technique. I may email him tomorrow.

I kind of want to go over the muscles, because if you go under you can get flex distortion, where your muscles move the implants when flexing. Some people find it uncomfortable enough that they won’t do push ups and others have trouble opening jars. Lots of chest exercises can eventually push the implants away from each other. Now I don’t do heavy chest anyways, but if/when I go back to teaching fitness classes push ups are a must. I asked him about it and he said I would have some but probably not severely. The Dr said overs would look unnatural on me since I don’t have a lot to start with.

I do have another consultation next week. This Dr does do sizers at the consult so that should help me get an idea of what will look good on me.

Hunger Directed Eating update.

Well I was going great for about 4-5 days then I fell off the wagon for 4 days. Hopefully tomorrow I can get back on track. I got some essentials at the grocery store today so I have more meal options. I’m more likely to get off track when I don’t have the right ingredients at home. I also need to plan out my meals for the rest of the week.

My hip is feeling good. It’s very rare that I feel any discomfort. I can cross my legs for longer and have my laptop on my thighs for a little while without pain. I start to ache if I do it too long but at least it’s not instant pain anymore. I will wait a few more weeks before trying anything.

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