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Hunger Directed Eating update.

Well I was going great for about 4-5 days then I fell off the wagon for 4 days. Hopefully tomorrow I can get back on track. I got some essentials at the grocery store today so I have more meal options. I’m more likely to get off track when I don’t have the right ingredients at home. I also need to plan out my meals for the rest of the week.

My hip is feeling good. It’s very rare that I feel any discomfort. I can cross my legs for longer and have my laptop on my thighs for a little while without pain. I start to ache if I do it too long but at least it’s not instant pain anymore. I will wait a few more weeks before trying anything.


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ugh, that symmetry.


ugh, that symmetry.

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Vitacost has tons of heath foods and supplements at great prices. Quest Bars are $25 a box!

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healthy fitblr :)


healthy fitblr :)

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Hunger Directed Eating & Other Stuff

I just had 3 really great days on my Hunger Directed Eating journey. I did have an off day 4 days ago but I bounced back. I’m sure I’ll have more stumbles down the road and I’m ok with that. That’s one of the things Josie makes really clear in In How to Have Your Cake & Your Skinny Jeans Too. She says you have to KNOW that you will have bad days and you have to be accepting of that.

My hip injury is feeling pretty good. I sometimes get a mild pain when I’m laying on the side and I have to position my legs differently but it’s going well. I’ve been sleeping with it wrapped almost every night and I think that helps so much. I wish I’d know that sooner.

I’ve decided to take a summer class at the college. I took over a year off school but I think I’m ready to go back and finish my AA degree. The company I work for is closing this month so I have to figure things out. Hopefully I can get unemployment while I finish school.

I also scheduled a 2nd consult for a breast augmentation. I have my first on the 16th and the second on the 23rd. I’m really excited and a little nervous.

Vitacost has tons of heath foods and supplements at great prices. Quest Bars are $25 a box!

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