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40 Day Yoga Challenge: Week 1

Don’t wait until the new year to make changes, start now with this 40 day challenge. Yoga makes you stronger, not only physically but mentally. I hope that through this 40+ day challenge you all find strength, flexibility, openness, and some inner peace.

So here are the videos for this weekend and next week. Some days have two or more videos because they are shorter. You can do them back to back or one in the morning and one before bed. Most days we’ll do 15-30 minutes. I’ll throw in a few optional long practices for people with more time.

Before you start your daily practice, you might want to try this Simple Yoga Warm Up to wake up your back and hamstring muscles. You don’t have to though.

Included are beginners and intermediate videos so any level can join in but most videos are good for all levels. You can always do the beginners video as a warm up. If you’re new to yoga don’t be afraid to try some non beginner videos, you can always take a break in child’s pose if something is too hard.

Friday Dec 21: Beginners - Foundation Poses OR Yoga for Getting Out of Your Own Way and Yoga for Flexibility

Saturday Dec 22: Beginners - Learn to Flow OR Power Yoga Flow and Yoga to Open Your Back & Hips

Sunday Dec 23: Beginners - Standing Poses OR Detox Flow (30 min, beginner friendly)

Monday Dec 24: Beginners - Energizing Practice OR Building Balance and Crazy Core Builder

Tuesday Dec 25: Beginners - Relaxing Practice OR Total Body Holiday Yoga and Loosen Up the Hips

Wednesday Dec 26: Morning Flow and Seated Hip Opening Sequence (all levels)

Thursday Dec 27: Gentle Yoga Flow (20 min, all levels, belt/scarf & blocks/pillows needed)

Friday Dec 28: Beginner Strengthening Flow OR Weight Loss & Fat Burning (20 min)

Saturday Dec 29: Bend and Stretch (35 min, all levels)


If you want a longer practice try one of these videos:

45 Minute Hip Opening Yin Class (all levels)

40 Minute Toning Yoga Flow (intermediate +)

50 Minute Weight Loss & Balance (intermediate +)


I hope you enjoy these videos. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


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