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40 Day Yoga Challenge: Week 2

Here is week 2 of our 40 day yoga challenge. How are you feeling? I hope you guys like the videos I’ve chosen, but if not feel free to do other yoga videos.

Again, some days have two or more videos because they are shorter. You can do them back to back or one in the morning and one before bed. Most days we’ll do 15-30 minutes. I’ll throw in a few optional long practices for people with more time.

Sunday, Dec 30: Yoga Workout For Beginners OR Total Body Yoga & Yoga for Hips & Back

Monday, Dec 31: Beginners Yoga for Back Pain OR Yoga for the New Year & Yoga for Inspiration

Tuesday, Jan 1: Beginners Flexibility OR Yoga Flow (30 min)

Wednesday, Jan 2: Light Yoga Practice OR Twist & Detox

Thursday, Jan 3: Morning Yoga for Flexibility, Yoga for Your Butt, Hip Yoga

Friday, Jan 4: De-stress Yoga & Before Bed Yoga

Saturday, Jan 5: Sun Salutations & Yoga for Strength & Focus


If you want a longer practice try one of these videos:

45 Minute Hip Opening Yin Class (all levels)

40 Minute Toning Yoga Flow (intermediate +)

50 Minute Weight Loss & Balance (intermediate +)


I hope you enjoy these videos. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


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