fitnessloveaffairMy name is Katrina, I'm 25 and I live in California. I am a fitness and healthy living enthusiast, that's what this blog is all about.

I'm a certified R.I.P.P.E.D. and INSANITY fitness instructor. I'm so excited to be sharing my love of fitness and a healthy lifestyle with others!

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Love Your Body with Kettlebells

New to using Kettlebells? Start with 10-15 lb and work your way up from there. If you don’t have a Kettlebell, use a 10-15 lb dumbbell. Go through this routine one time through, or if you’re feeling energized, do it twice!!

See the printable routine right here.

3 Moves to Toned Thighs! from Tone It Up!

These are the 3 best moves to Tone your Thighs & Booty, and strengthen your knees! Follow along.

Kettlebell Beginner Workout ~ Tone It Up!

Stretch, relax and rest sore muscles with certified instructor Jessica Smith as she guides you through this gentle flexibility session that can be done anytime (no warm up required).

Total Core and Thighs Workout- BeFiT GO | Beach Body is a 20-minute, core-strengthening circuit workout that is designed to exercise with on the go using your mobile device to burn fat and activate all of the muscles of the abdominals as you firm and tone the hips, thighs, butt, and legs to flatten your midsection and attain beach-ready results. This electrifying, ab-sculpting routine uses a special blend of Yoga and Pilates-inspired body weight exercises mixed with plyometric moves and several short rest periods to blast away calories, increase endurance & agility, and start you on the road to six pack abs

Kettlebell Workout for Beginners

Cardio Pilates by Jessica Smith, just 25 minutes.

This Pilates-inspired workout moves at a little faster pace than traditional mat work for a cardio effect to help you burn more calories during your session. Led by certified Pilates instructor Jessica Smith, this full length cardio Pilates routine is best for those with prior Pilates experience.

Toned triceps and tight inner thighs — you know you want ‘em! Follow us through this 10-minute workout, and in no time at all, you’ll be rocking shorts and tank tops with all the confidence a playful Summer wardrobe deserves. Grab some weights and a block, and you’re already one step closer to a tighter, more toned you

BeFiT GO | 40 Minute Fat-Burning HIIT Workout is an electrifying, high-intensity interval training circuit workout designed to do on the go using your mobile device. This unique routine employs an effective combination of Yoga and Pilates-inspired body weight exercises mixed with several short rest periods to target all of the major muscles of the body, kick start the metabolism, challenge the core, and catalyze your fat-burning potential. Tone and tighten your entire body as you sculpt lean muscle in this explosive beach body workout.

Barre 30 Minute Cardio Ballet Workout

Burn calories with the grace of a ballerina! Join certified fitness instructor Jessica Smith live from home for this fat-burning, easy to follow, ballet-inspired barefoot cardio session.

High Step Metabolic Circuit Workout

Join certified fitness instructor Jessica Smith and build metabolically active lean muscle to burn fat faster with this 40-minute workout that uses a high step to boost your calorie burn and your results.

Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Equipment: 2 sets of dumbbells, 3- to 25-pounds, depending on level (5s and 10s are used), optional use of a high step (3-4 risers)
Intensity: Moderate to High


glutes workout circuit!

(via suckitup-for-change)

BIKINI SERIES™ 2013 Your SunSeeker Workout ~ A Full Body Toning Routine

Get ready to sculpt every major muscle group & tone all over!

Get your Printable Routine here


I’ll just make it because it does look like fun & you say it works :D


It’s fun and works! Good luck!

The Best Butt Workout with Zuzka Light

This is a great workout for the lower body that will have you out of breath and sweating all over the floor. All you need are some dumbbells and a kettlebell if you have it but you can just use dumbbells.

Last night I did 4 rounds in 12:30 minutes, burning over 140 calories. My glutes are definitely sore today! Try it out!

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